Who We Serve

Who does Align Performance serve?

We serve individuals. We serve teams. We serve you.

Our clients, across fields and sectors, have a few things in common: They seek high performance. They seek consistent excellence. They seek success. Does that describe you?

  • Are you a visionary looking to solidify the strategy that will guide you and your organization to success?
    We can help you develop a customized strategy aligned to your goals, character and strengths.
  • Are you a manager looking to elevate your team’s productivity?
    We can help you outline and implement initiatives, specifically designed to generate immediate results while instilling positive performance principles that will support lasting shifts in organizational culture.
  • Are you a young professional looking to get the most out of your talent and hard work?
    We can help you assess your strengths and challenges as we develop an approach that allows you to add maximum value in your role today while you acquire the skills and experience you will need to perform at the highest levels tomorrow.


purestock_1574r-0826.mediumIAlign, our one-on-one Personal Performance Program, is designed to guide clients, step-by-step, through the “Define The Line” process. Once you have identified The Point — whether in terms of work, life or work-life balance — and articulated your strategy for getting there, you will work closely with your coach as you “Walk The Line” to the success you seek.

Along the way, you will employ a positive approach to performance that will:

  • Improve the quality of your communication
  • Help capture momentum from your successes
  • Foster a positive experience for those around you
  • Move you toward your What AND your Why
  • Lay the foundation for even greater success going forward!


WeAlign, our Organizational Alignment Program, is designed to guide peer groups, teams and team leaders through the “Define The Line” process on two levels.

Teams articulate a collective vision of The Point, defining group goals, and executing on the strategy they develop. Simutaneously, team members support the team’s work by aligning their individual Line to the direction the team is taking.

Building on the exponential benefits of aligning collective and individual efforts, teams will employ a positive approach to performance that will:

  • Improve the quality of your communication
  • Increase the overall level of engagement
  • Foster an inclusive approach to problem solving
  • Optimize the effectiveness of collaborative efforts
  • Balance individual and collective goals, strengths and challenges
  • Elevate your collective level of performance, laying the foundation for even greater success going forward!