What's The Point?

To work with a sense of purpose, we need to know the purpose of our work.

Your first step toward Alignment is to answer one basic question:  

What’s The Point?


What do you want?

This is your What. What goal(s) will you achieve? What outcome(s) will you generate? How will that outcome impact others? As you answer these questions, you have an opportunity to get clear on where you are headed.

Be specific. If you had to drive to a friend’s home, would you be more likely to find them knowing they live “somewhere on Elm Street,” or knowing they live at “620 Elm Street”? As you map out your desired destination, be sure that you are as precise as possible.

What does success look like? What does success sound like? The clearer you are as you describe success, the more likely you are to recognize it when you get there!

kwame_dow“‘What’s The Point?’ Excellent question. Because, at the end of the day, we all want to be successful; but we also want to be fulfilled.”

Kwame Dow



Why do you want it?

This is your Why. What does success feel like? Accomplishments can feel hollow if they don’t generate the emotional experience we hoped — sometimes unconsciously! — they would. What is the emotional experience you want to create for yourself?

Do you want to feel fulfilled? Do you want to feel valuable? Do you want to feel accomplished? Rather than leave this critical element of success to chance, let’s get absolutely clear on the experience you want to have.

Then, as we proceed, we will develop an approach and strategy aligned to generating both your What and your Why.

Are you ready to get to The Point? Contact us and let us help you determine what you want, why you want it and how you plan to go about making it happen.