Orlando Bishop

Born and bred in Flatbush, Brooklyn, Orlando Bishop’s journey followed a long and winding path, figuratively and literally. Nearly a decade into a sputtering Hollywood career as a writer and producer that had taken him through a gauntlet of near misses with a range of studios and production companies – Fox, MTV and Nickelodeon to name a few – he found himself at a crossroads. How could he be true to his need to create and the desire to serve that had led him to teaching high school English at his alma mater, Poly Prep, in Brooklyn? How could he leverage the unique viewpoint that had delighted audiences in comedy clubs like The World Famous Comedy Store and the Hollywood Improv and his lifelong commitment to helping others find their voices? How, to cut to the chase, could he make a living while honoring the person he had always been and the husband, father and man he’d become?

He looked back over his life and found that the greatest successes he’d experienced — or even witnessed — all pointed to one basic reality: To consistently perform at the highest levels, we must align who we are, where we are and where we want to go. Alignment had been the key as he navigated Flatbush streets to get to the cobblestone paths of Yale University.

Alignment had been key in making his way west to USC’s Peter Stark Producing Program where he earned his MFA. Alignment had even been critical in creating the family he shared with his wife, Daphne and their twins, Alex and Maya. Yes, alignment had been key in all those situations, but how does one create it?

In answering that question for himself, Orlando uncovered the questions and insights he now shares with others as they face their own crossroads, personally and professionally. Today, people from all walks of life have used and are using the Align approach to change careers, get promotions and even find the romantic relationships they desire. One might wonder how Orlando can be so confident that the Align approach will work for such a range of clients pursuing such an array of desired outcomes. His answer: “Each person has to define their own line, to walk their own line. What I provide is simply the approach. And I know the Align approach works; it worked for me.”