How We Serve

How does Align Performance serve?


Business Performance SuccessAlignPerformance , our core suite of offerings, employs an experiential approach to generate immediate and lasting improvements to individual and team performance. Utilizing core positive performance principles, participants align their efforts around defining The Point, devising a Success Strategy and creating a culture that supports sustained high performance. Teams will:

  • Develop a shared definition of success
  • Increase positive results by coordinating efforts and eliminating inefficiencies
  • Explicitly articulate desired outcomes and desired experience
  • Increase the overall level of engagement
  • Align individual and team Success Strategies, increasing the chances of reaching The Point


A positive approach is critical in the creation of high performance cultures. A positive approach fosters a positive experience for team members, and studies have established that positive emotional states profoundly impact critical elements of high performance (e.g. cognitive function). In other words, a positive approach produces happier team members who will be clearer thinkers, better decision makers, more creative problem solvers and more effective communicators. Leaders who leverage these benefits will consistently get the best out of themselves and the people around them.

Ready to be a high performer?  Ready to experience the power of alignment? Ready to get to The Point?Contact us and together we’ll find the AlignPerformance offering that’s right for you.


Looking out into the futureToday, the world is moving at as fast a pace as it ever has. Faced daily with a new string of challenges, it has become increasingly difficult for leaders to find the time or bandwidth to back away and take the proverbial “10,000 foot view” of their organizations. We can help you do just that.

Now, in the midst of that string of challenges, you may think you don’t have the resources (e.g. time) to devote to getting aligned. However, it is in the moments when demands are highest and resources are scarcest that alignment is most important. Rather than depleting resources (e.g. time), AlignStrategy actually positions your organization to optimize its resources, helping you to:
Employ and increase positive communication (Researchers have found positive communication the single greatest predictor of organizational high performance.)

  • Foster increased sharing of pertinent informationand best practices
  • Articulate The Point, clarifying collective goals and individual needs
  • Align previously conflicting agendas
  • Elevate the fundamental level of performance for future initiatives and challenges

Whether you are developing your organization’s 10 year plan, preparing for an urgent initiative to be executed over the next 3 months or launching an entrepreneurial venture, as a leader you want to be sure you achieve the best possible results with the resources at your disposal. AlignStrategy will help you and your organization to get the most out of your time, money and talent (!), creating a culture of high performance that will turn results that are The Pointtoday into the Starting Point for tomorrow’s inspiring goals.

Ready to “Define The Line” between where you are and the great places you can go? Contact us and together we’ll find the AlignStrategy offering that’s right for you and your organization.


diversity training business teamsAlignDiversity to productivity. AlignDiversity to profits. AlignDiversity aligns diversity to organizational success.

Your organization will engage diversity, not as a series of things to do, but as an organizational strength to be leveraged for your bottom line. Guided by positive performance principles, you will define and execute strategies designed to:

  • Shift organizational culture
  • Create an increase in inclusive behaviors
  • Facilitate increased positive communication
  • Leverage all dimensions of organizational diversity
  • Improve decision making and problem solving by encouraging diversity of thought

Too often, diversity initiatives suffer the diminishing returns of isolated efforts. Desired behaviors increase while the focus of an initiative. Unfortunately, though, when the focus shifts elsewhere, the ground that was gained is quickly surrendered. Through AlignDiversity your organization will shift the focus beyond isolated behaviors to the creation of a positive, inclusive culture that organically fosters sustained inclusive behavior. And that shift will take your organization from “doing diversity” to “being diverse.”

Are you ready to experience the exponential benefits of aligned diversity?  Contact us and together we’ll find the AlignDiversity offering that’s right for your organization.